Wind-proof PVC curtains, tents, marquee constructions

Our company is specialized in designing, manufacturing and mounting of wind-proof PVC curtains and screens.
The wind-proof curtains and screens are particularly suitable for closing of winter gardens, open terraces, shops, shops with exhibition space, pavilions, garages, warehouses, car washes and balconies.

The instalation of wind-proof curtains allows protected areas to be used with or without heating during the cold months and all the windy days.
They are made of transparent material, so called “crystal” and the ends – with PVC fabric in desired color.
Opening and closing could be done with a crank, zip or snaps.

We design and manufacture a variety of shading modules, including: tents, sun-shades, separation screens, pavilions, marquee constructions, fixed structures covered in vinyl or acrylic fabric, windproof transparent curtains made of  PVC crystal.


Marquee constructions, level1 Inner lighted facade box and inflatable advertising billboard on the roof.
Metal construction for a roof extension covered in vinyl and branded with company logos..
Construction and installation of sun marquis on the entrance level and terrace, inner lighted facade advertising box and an inner lighted advertising figure on the roof.


We will advise you what type of tent and what material is best for you according to your budget.
We offer appropriate options to combine in one efficiency, comfort and good appearance.

In the summer  tents, marquee constructions and / or sunscreen equipment and pavilions could be equipped with water mist systems for better cooling in the summer heat.

Tents ccould be partially or fully branded with your company logo and colors by special foils, digital printing or permanent paint.

We produce and brand  garden tents for events, according to the needs of our clients.
The tents can be further equipped with branded screens.