Pocket warmer

Pocket warmer

Landmark Ltd is official importer of pocket warmers from Hakkin Warmers – Japan for Bulgaria.

Each PEACOCK warmer is designed for repeated usage if properly operated.

The Pocket warmer works with platinum catalyst, which is environment.
The Nozzle made of platinum catalyst and fibre glass, guarantees quick and easy ignition.
The pocket warmer heats up constantly and warms for the hole day with only one loading (two markings = 25 ml )


Pocket Warmers have three basic sizes:


70 х 110 х 20 mm. Duration of heating supply – 30 hours. 


68 х101 х 15 мм. Duration of heating supply – 24 hours. 


51 х 80 х 10 мм. Duration of heating supply – 8 hours. 


Each Warmer is separately packed. The Package itself contains velveteen pouch, fuel-proportioner and instruction manual.

It can be used even in extremely cold places at -40C. Produces approximately 5 times more heat than other analogs on the market.

Operation instructions:

How to fill the Pocket Warmer?
The fuel is standard lighter-gasoline (not benzoline) of Zippo, Clipper and Ronson

  • Open the perforated cover and remove the nozzle
  • Put the bottom part of the fuel-proportioner in the opening of the fuel-tank. After that fill up the tank to the preffered marking ( we recommend to fill up the whole tank )
  • Turn the fuel-proportioner at 90 degrees, in order to fill the fuel easier.
  • Remove the proportioner, after you fill up the fuel tank. Turn the fuel-tank upside down and squeeze gently, in order to remove the extra fuel.
  •  Carefully put back the nozzle in its place.
How to light up the Pocket Warmer
  • Light up a match/lighter/cigarette and bring it near the nozzle for 3-4 seconds.
  • On each side cover has a yellow indicator, which one ccould  easily verify the process of heating.
    Put and hold the indicator in touch with the nozzle for 10-15 seconds, in order to be sure that the warmer is burning. You will know for sure when the color of the indicator changes from orange to red!.
  • Put back the cover on its place.
  • Secure the Pocket Warmer in the pouch, in order to prevent a burn
How to stop the burning of the Pocket Warmer
In case you want to stop the heating process, simply remove carefully  the nozzle from the body for a few minutes.

Caution: Do not tweak the contents of the nozzle with a sharp object, as there is risk of damaging it permanently.

The product is perfect for winter sports and outdoor work.